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Southern U.S. Experience Widespread Power Outages As High Temperatures Trigger Storms.

As the southern United States celebrated Father’s Day outdoors, people were warned to take precautions against triple-digit temperatures. Heat advisories were issued across the region, with thunderstorms disrupting power from Oklahoma to Mississippi. High winds also increased the threat of wildfires in Arizona and New Mexico.

On an early Sunday morning of June 18, 2023, a suspected tornado wreaked havoc near Scranton, Arkansas. The National Weather Service reported that the disaster destroyed chicken houses and caused trees to fall onto homes. Though none were reported to be seriously injured, the damage was significant.

Meteorologists warned of record-breaking temperatures in southern Texas and the Gulf Coast into midweek. Storms may strike the lower Mississippi Valley, producing damaging winds, hail, and possibly tornadoes.

“Practicing heat safety is essential for outdoor #FathersDay plans! Take frequent breaks, stay hydrated, and never leave people/pets alone in a car!” tweeted the weather service office in Houston.

The northern and central parts of Louisiana were hit by strong winds and severe storms leading to Governor John Bel Edwards’ state of emergency declaration. Over 450,000 people faced power outages on Sunday in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas, according to

During a storm that knocked out power in Catherine Haley’s block, she hosted her six grandchildren, ages 7 to 13. To top off the sweltering heat, Haley, who has COPD, had difficulty breathing. Damp towels didn’t help, so the family sought refuge in a city-provided cooling center. The 64-year-old grandmother is thankful for the help, as her COPD made the situation unbearable.

Haley explains that five of her grandchildren had just arrived from Houston for a summer getaway. “What a nice little welcome for them,” she joked.

The storm had caused widespread destruction and rendered many neighborhoods uninhabitable. The city’s cooling center was the perfect solution for the Haley family, providing the respite they needed.

The weather service issued another heat advisory Sunday in Florida, mainly for the Florida Keys. Forecasters said heat index readings – high temperatures and oppressive humidity – could reach 108 degrees Fahrenheit (42 Celsius) and 112 degrees (45 C) in places such as Key Largo, Marathon, and Key West.

“These conditions will cause increased risk of heat illness for people outdoors or in non-air conditioned spaces,” the weather service said in a bulletin.

Arizona and New Mexico are keeping firefighters busy while forecasters warn of critical fire weather due to triple-digit temperatures and gusty winds in the coming days. On Sunday, Phoenix could hit highs of up to 110°F (43.5°C), possibly the hottest day of the year. Ground gusts from 30 to 40 mph (48-64 kph) are forecast for Sunday east of Flagstaff, along the Interstate 40 corridor, with the potential to reach 50 mph (80 kph) on Monday. Meaning critical fire weather conditions are likely across most of northeast New Mexico.

A brush fire south of Tucson, AZ, shut down Arizona 83 over Father’s Day weekend, but it’s now reopened. The closure had an impact on local businesses in a recreation-heavy area. No homes were threatened.

Dena Perez said the only business at her Corner Scoop ice cream shop along the highway in Sonoita was serving a few travelers who stopped to get updates on the fire “and feeding all the firefighters.”

The weather service said that much of Nevada was under a high-wind advisory with gusts up to 55 mph (88 kph) with blowing dust that could hamper visibility on highways.

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