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    Once you have determined that you are ready for solar, you may begin the process of connecting your solar system to Mississippi Power’s grid. Below are the steps needed to connect your system to the grid:

    Step 1 — Utility Application and Agreements

    For systems 20 kW and less:

    Apply to interconnect your system with our Mississippi Power electric grid using the application provided below for renewable systems producing up to 20 kW of power. The application includes an interconnection agreement establishing your responsibility for the safe and lawful operation of the solar system.

    We advise you to:

    Complete the application with your solar installer.
    Return the completed application and agreement to the email or postal address listed on the application.
    Click here for an application, terms and conditions – 20 kW and less
    Learn about some additional requirements by reviewing our Rules Governing Electric Service
    For systems over 20 kW:

    If your project is over 20 kW, other policies apply. Please contact one of our energy experts for more information at (228) 343-0680.

    Step 2 — Installation and Operation

    When you are finished with Step 1 and have a conditionally approved application, your installation may begin. Follow the steps below to begin your installation.

    You or your installer should contact:

    • Local building and electrical code offices to see if permits are required
    • Homeowner associations, if applicable, to determine any community restrictions

    Your system will need to be installed to the latest version of the National Electric Code (NEC) and other applicable codes. A certificate of completion is required from code officials before testing or long term operation begins.

    Mississippi Power may need to replace the electric meter at your home. This will require a brief service interruption.

    Your qualified installer should perform tests to determine if the system is operating correctly according to the Mississippi Public Service Commission’s interconnection rules. Have your installer notify Mississippi Power 48 hours before the day of this testing, as the company is required to observe these tests before authorizing long-term operation. During these tests, Mississippi Power will also verify that the installed equipment conforms to the submitted application.

    Upon satisfactory completion of the above tests and a receipt of the required certificate of completion, Mississippi Power will authorize your PV system to be placed in operation.